16 August, 2011

My Favorite Smurf

Instruction: Tell us how you think that Smurf would help lead the others and find their way from New York City back to the Smurf Village, as creatively as possible!

This is what I think!

As the Smurfs arrive at Patrick's apartment, they immediately discuss the best way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down. Brainy, the Mr. know-it-all comes out with a great idea: to contact their also-blue-friend, Doraemon. Why Doraemon? They all ask the same question and Brainy proudly says that Doraemon has the magic ANYWHERE DOOR. But a new problem arise, how can they contact Doraemon who is now in Japan? Brainy as usual, take out his Iphone 4 and search for Doraemon on facebook and luckily, Doraemon is on facebook! Thanks to Mark Zukerberg for making the Smurfs' life easier.

Meet the HERO

They exchange private messages and in just seconds, Doraemon appears from Patrick's bathroom and just like that, the Smurfs all return home safely.

The Smurfs

Hey Nuffnang! This set is totally AWESOME!

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