22 October, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

Three Most Amazing Things that makes me want to visit Macau

1. House of the Dancing Water

Image from thehouseofdancingwatermedia.com
Image from www.thesmartgirlstravelguide.com
Image from lajollamom.com


Firstly, look at the photos! Secondly, because it have 1673 excellent reviews from Tripod Advisor. Nothing can go wrong with that!

2. The Historic Centre of Macau

Image from gastronomyhut.blogspot.com
Image from www.visitourchina.com


An Old Portuguese colonial city center in Asia. You never want to miss this! Especially when it's included under the UNESCO World Heritage List!

3. The famous Portuguese Egg Tarts

Image from www.9to5travel.com


No need further explanation....

Three reasons why you should send me for this superb opportunity

1. I own a travel blog at thetravelling3o.com. Hence, to blog about my travelogue in Macau will be a piece of cake egg tart! Even better, I will publish the travelogue both on this blog (Malay version) and my travel blog (English version).

2. I'm a self-proclaimed photographer. Let my instagram do the talking. Nature, landscape, cityscape, night photography, you call it. Interesting visuals are important right?

3. I'm a passionate traveller. Refer to 1 and 2.

Last but not least, enjoy the video below. Everything you need to know about the magnificent Macau!

Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia for giving me a chance to win a free trip to Macau! If I won this contest, I will definitely enjoy and embrace every second of my time in Macau and sharing my experiences with my fellow readers will be my top priority.

Mm goy!!!

28 August, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style tu apa?

''Gangnam'' is a particularly affluent South Korean neighbourhood where debt-ridden neo-yuppies spend way more than they should. What Psy is doing, they say, is showing them just how ridiculous they are. - via
Dah dekat seminggu trending kat twitter, ada yang suka ada yang benci. Kepada yang benci tu, awak boring. Ketika taip post ni, dah ada 66 juta views di youtube dalam masa sebulan.

Ok straight to the gangnam point, lagu ni sebenarnya menyindir kehidupan orang-orang "kaya" di Gangnam. Sanggup jimat duit sebab nak nampak kaya. Ikat perut berhari-hari tapi depan awek belanja kopi starbucks. macam video tu, tunjuk konon perasan lepak kat tepi pantai, tapi sebenarnya kat playground je. Kalau kat Malaysia ni, macam orang-orang yang suka lepak kat KLCC or Pavi la, duit takde tapi sebab nak nampak grand, sanggup berjimat seminggu sebab nak berjoli 2 jam. Angkut DSLR sana sini, tangan kiri Iphone, tangan kanan Blackberry, tapi bila lunch order air suam je, diet katanya.

Macam ni lebih kurang untuk siapa-siapa yang tak faham tu. Nak lagi faham, baca wiki.

Sekarang banyak gila parodi Gangnam Style, ini paling best! Made in Malaysia brought to you by Fly Fm!

26 August, 2012

Metal Gangnam Style!!! (Video)