26 July, 2011

Pembunuhan di Oslo, Norway.

Mesti dah tau kat pasal pembunuhan beramai-ramai kat Oslo, Norway. Jadi hari ni aku nak share beberapa info pasal kejadian ni. Semua ni aku ambil kat Dailymail, ni semi-tabloid jadi tak percaya sangat pun takpe hehe. Lebih kurang macam ni la. Aku cuba buka jugak BBC tapi kat Dailymail paling detail.

Meremang sebenarnya bila baca benda-benda ni. Sedih. Kalau aku kat tempat dorang, taktaula macam mana. Pura-pura mati, terjun dalam air sejuk, sembunyi di sebalik mayat kawan-kawan sambil dengar bunyi nafas si pembunuh.. ohh..

Anders Behring Breivik (si pembunuh) bagi keterangan dalam 1500 muka surat, dalam tu dia kata dia bunuh sebab dia nak protect budak-budak tu dari muslim. Kalau korang baca kat bawah ni, dia  kata dia ada experience tak best dengan muslim masa dia remaja dulu. Taktau lah betul ke tak. Apa pun, RIP.

Oh aku tak translate pergi BM sebab takut lari pulak nanti maksudnya. Baca lagi kalau berminat.



Breivik killed 84 people at the summer political youth camp which was organised by the country's leading Labour Party.

Death toll rises to 92 after discovery of another body on island.

Around 700 had gathered on the island for a meeting of the youth wing of the ruling Labour party.

He planned the whole operation with utter ruthlessness and precision, from using fertiliser from his farm to make the bomb that was planted at the government’s offices in Oslo, to disguising himself as a policeman to gain access to the island summer camp.

He was the registered holder of two weapons – a Glock pistol and an automatic rifle – both of which are thought to have been used in the massacre at Utoya.

Breivik goes into lengthy detail about his experience of Muslim gangs when he was a teenager.  He writes: 'Even at that time, the Muslim gangs were very dominating in Oslo East and in inner city Oslo. They even arranged “raids” in Oslo West occasionally, subduing the native youths (kuffars) and collecting Jizya from them (in the form of cell phones, cash, sunglasses etc).  'I remember they systematically harassed, robbed and beat ethnic Norwegian youngsters who were unfortunate enough to not have the right affiliations.  'Muslim youths called the ethnic Norwegians “poteter” (potatoes, a derogatory term used by Muslims to describe ethnic Norwegians). 'These people occasionally raped the so called “potato whores”.

Breivik's lawyer said his client had admitted to Friday's shootings at a Labour youth camp and an earlier bombing that killed seven people in Oslo's government district, but that he denies any criminal guilt.  'He has been politically active and found out himself that he did not succeed with usual political tools and so resorted to violence,' Mr Lippestad told TV2 news.

Tellingly, unlike so many spree killers, including Britain’s own Derrick Bird in Cumbria and Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane, he did not shoot himself, but instead allowed the police to take him into custody. 

Anders Breivik is believed to have drowned out the screams of his victims by listening to film music from the Lord of the Rings on his iPod.  Lux Aeterna, which was used in the battle scenes, is described by the killer as ‘very inspiring and invokes the type of passionate rage within you’.     He writes: ‘I will put my iPod on max volume as a tool to suppress fear if needed. I might just put Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell on repeat as it is an incredibly powerful song.’

Among the victims

The Crown Princess of Norway's step-brother was one of the first victims gunned down in the massacre that left 86 dead at a youth summer camp.  Trond Berntsen, the son of Princess Mette-Marit's late stepfather, was among those killed when Anders Behring Breivik opened fire at the Labour party camp on Utoya island.  An off-duty police officer, Mr Berntsen had been hired to provide private security to the island retreat, and was one of the first killed by the white-supremacist gunman.

Among those who lost their lives during Breivik’s rampage was Tore Eikeland, 21, president of the Hordaland branch of the AUF.  Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian prime minister, described the youngster as 'one of our most talented youth politicians'.

The killings

Even as he carried out the mass shooting, he did not exhibit the behaviour of a frenzied lunatic. Instead, he coldly beckoned his victims towards him and then, like an iron-willed executioner, systematically fired at them.

Gunman had 30 minutes for killing spree before SWAT team arrived.

The gunman who killed at least 80 people at an island youth camp north west of Oslo used his disguise to lure in his victims, then shot them twice to make sure they were dead, survivors said in the village of Sundvollen, where they were taken after the massacre.

Dr Colin Poole, head of surgery at Ringriket Hospital in Honefoss north west of Oslo, said surgeons treating 16 gunshot victims have recovered no full bullets.  He said: 'These bullets more or less exploded inside the body. These bullets inflicted internal damage that's absolutely horrible.'  Ballistics experts say so-called dum-dum bullets also are lighter in weight and can be fired with greater accuracy over varying distances.  They commonly are used by air marshals on aeroplanes and hunters of small animals.  Poole, a surgeon for 26 years at the hospital, said the bullets were 'hyper-fragmentable' and produced confusing pictures on X-rays.  'It's caused us all kinds of extra problems in dealing with the wounds they cause, with very strange trajectories. The effect they cause inside the body is like a thousand pin pricks.'


'I saw many dead people,' said Elise. 'He first shot people on the island. Afterwards he started shooting people in the water.'

At a hotel in the village of Sundvollen, where survivors of the shooting were taken, 21-year-old Dana Berzingi, wearing trousers stained with blood, said the fake police officer ordered people to come closer, then pulled weapons and ammunition from a bag and started shooting.  Several victims 'had pretended as if they were dead to survive,' Mr Berzingi said. But after shooting the victims with one gun, the gunman shot them again in the head with a shotgun, he said.

A Twitter user going by the name  zhalli1 posted a message on the website saying: ‘I’m safe. We’ve hidden in a tree. One of us is shot twice in the foot.’

She said: ‘I’m at a building with the army. I ran here when I heard the shooting. I heard a lot of people running and screaming. I ran to the nearest building and hid under the desk.’  She said there was ‘a lot of shooting’and she heard ‘screaming from the next room’.  ‘The shooting came from all different directions,’ she added. ‘Somebody told me to go under the desk. And put mattresses and pillows on top so I felt kind of safe. It was terrifying.’  She said the shooting was very close to the building and hit it at one point.  ‘I stayed under the bed for two hours. Then the police smashed the window and came in.’  ‘It seems so unreal, in Norway this doesn’t happen here.  It’s something that we hear about happening in the U.S.

He said: 'We were 30-40 people standing together when he started shooting. When he was done [with us] there were only five or six left of us.'

Mr Vereide then escaped to a nearby cave where he hid with a number of other youths.  'People were seriously injured, lying all around us. We didn't dare to go out of the cave, fearing that the gunman would discover our whereabouts,' he said to Norwegian newspaper VG.

One young couple even hid in a freezer for two hours while frantically trying to contact friends and family. Other witnesses said Breivik 'shot the cutest girl first' and would laugh and shout during the killing spree.

Miss Kaur said the killer shot a number of people around her. Desperate to live, she pretended she was dead and lay ontop of another body for more than an hour.

Mr Pracon described how the 32-year-old right wing extremist knew his victims had little chance of escape and would check bodies for any signs of life, kicking them as he moved along.  'He then started looking for people and followed them into their tents, he kept shooting them inside their tents and they had nowhere to hide.  'There were 20 to 30 people died in the water, I saw a couple of people being shot and the weapon was so powerful. The jet of the water was huge and became red,' he said.  Desperate to escape he hid behind the dead bodies and lay there before he heard Breivik coming.  'Luckily I was lying down but people were falling about me. Around my legs, behind me and in the front of me so I hid behind them. I stayed completely still and did not want to show the gunman any sign of life.  'He walked towards me, over dead bodies that were lying around me, I heard his shoes walking and felt his breath.  'He was calm and collective, he was not in a hurry to press the trigger quickly and if people ran, he knew he would catch them, no problem,' Mr Pracon told the BBC.  Before he was shot Mr Pracon said he had tried to escape the island by swimming into the ocean but only managed a short distance before deciding to turn back. He was then shot in the shoulder as he tried to pretend he was dead.  Now, recovering in hospital, he said: 'I heard a loud band and a high pitched sound in my ear and after that it lasted until I went to the hospital.'

'I jumped into the water like the rest of the people but I did not have time to take my clothes off and it had started to rain.  'When I had swum about 100 metres I felt I had to turn back because I started to get very cold and felt I might meet a certain death.'  Once he reached the shore he saw Breivik who pointed his gun at him.  'I screamed to him, please no please. I didn't know if he didn't want to just kill me because I was one person or if he preferred to kill a group of people.  'Later he started shooting out of nowhere and I was hiding behind the bodies.'


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