15 March, 2009

maxis iPhone 3G

coming soon!! 20th march...

"According to the Maxis website, customers who sign up for a 12-month i-Value 1 subscription plan, which requires a RM100 commitment per month, will be able to purchase the 8GB iPhone for RM1,900 and the 16GB model for RM2,290.

A customer who commits to a 24-month i-Value 1 plan will have to pay RM1,510 for the 8GB version and RM1,890 for the 16GB model."

read more here, here and here.

hmph..it seems complicated and i dont like touch screen..susah..

i want.....


nokia E63! haha. not available yet in malaysia.. i found on ebay for rm1085.. but market price maybe below rm1000, cheaper than e71 cos no GPS and only 2megapixels camera. ok la tu..

cant wait! hehe

ok bye!

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si cantik again said...

meck .. bkn sda ada ka d malaysia? .. sa nmpk ari tu la tp dummy dia ja .. this one got 3G or not? ..

meck said...

mana iphone or e63..both got 3g

si cantik said...

e63 .. ehe ..

kinkin said...

meck, e63 dah ada dh! i dah tgk dah last 3 weeks kot. haha. and yeap its cheaper than e71. function sume sama but xde gps or sthg. beli la k! let me buy iphone 3g. hahaha

meck said...

ke tu e63 tipu?hahaha.k u bli iphone. btw kat brunei dh lama keluar jgk. $393. murahkan

Fawah said...

meck e63 ada la.
my fren guna.
natasha tu.

Alau, S said...

meck e63 udah ada lah. miri ada blambak. kuzen kmk beli rm900++ warna merah. i want iphoneeeeeeeeeee!

meck said...

wahhhh ketinggalan. hahaa.