21 June, 2011


If you watch your birth backwards, you’ll see your own parents getting really excited as the doctors push you into your mom, thus getting rid of you forever. 
If you watch Godzilla vs. King Kong backwards it’s about two monsters who forget their differences and build a city.
If you watch Forrest Gump backwards, it’s about a man who moonwalks across the country before shaving off his beard and fighting in Vietnam.
If you watch Survivor backwards its the story of someone alone on an island who is joined by one person at a time to hide stuff all over the island, contract amnesia and forget each others names, then leave on a plane together
If you watch Titanic backwards, it’s about underwater people repairing a ship with an iceberg so that they can sail to England.
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Anonymous said...

if you watch the history of chelsea fc, you'd see the crumble of a football club owns by russian billionaire after poor performances by their record signings. the billionaire sold the club and they become mid-table club where nobody wants to supprt them. =)

Meck said...

woowww nice!!! hahaha