03 March, 2009

friend "layers"

inner circle

these are the people you're closest to and most comfortable with; time together improves your well being. communication is honest, frequent and real.

golden friends

those you choose to spend time with. you agree and disagree about many things, but it doesn't matter as much as the closeness.

silver friends

neighbours, club members or old school mate. you're not joined at the hip of the moment, but you were once. you could pick up these friendship again.


the people you see often, know a little bit about and are pleasant to, such as workmates, teachers, or those who move in same social circles, be wary of devoting to much time.


these are people you've only just met and haven't quite work out yet. friendship are based on sharing your feelings and ideas- do this and you will foster honest relationship.

[source- cleo jan09]

short note: remember this post? today out of no where she gave me full mark.haha.yeay!

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