04 March, 2009

get well soon

This is one of my cats..her name is tommie.we thought she was a "he" initially and that's why her name is not really feminine.haha.she nearly died last week.our vet diagnosed her with viral infection.she was feverish on Wednesday and when my sis brought her to the clinic on friday,there was mucus all over her mouth and she refused to eat or drink.vet said if my sis brought her in later, her lungs will get infected and she will die a painful death within a few days..poor kitty!! she got 3 injections and loads of medicine.

pandai tommie..sakit masa my sis baru dapat gaji.hahaha

rasa mcm jahat plak.semoga cepat baik tommie.miss u..

3 comment (s):

izzati said...

how is she now?
dah sihat?

meck said...

dah ok.tp byk gila ubat dia kna mkn.ksian jugak.

yan.. said...

x cm u..