10 October, 2011

Steve Jobs Tribute


RT @xordyI don't care whatever you guys gonna say, but Steve Jobs is a real hero for me. I never own any apple products before except iTunes. But I don't really need to buy his products to make me a fan. He revolutionized the modern gadgets world. That's good enough for me to be my hero. He invented iMac to the mass market. Without iMac, the computer won't be available to us for non-geeks. Nobody will ever cared about computers. He introduced to us iPod. Fast forward today, will the Mp3 player be popular if iPod doesnt exist? He gave us iPhone. Remember the shitty slow ass Symbian and Windows Mobile? That will be our smartphones today. Android will not born. Majority of geeks will still using embedded software phone.iPad. Bill Gates tried to introduced to us the tablets but failed miserably. Steve make it even better and nobody even remember the Windows XP tablets.

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Woofer Storm said...

tanpa steve job,iphone mgkn tkde..ermmm