10 June, 2010

behind the gaza blockade

Right: Jamila Selma, 40, was entering her home when a shell hit nearby, severely injuring her legs, wounding three of her sons and killing a fourth

Left: When IDF soldiers fired at Malak Abu Darabi, 15, as she farmed her father's land, she hid behind a barrier. Although she was not shot, the trauma has left her unable to walk since the incident, and the specialized treatment she needs is unavailable in Gaza.

Left: Jahia al-Abdel, 23, lost both eyes to an artillery blast

Right: Palestine Tambura, 15, was spending the night in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency shelter in Beit Lahia when it was hit by IDF shells. Her left leg, which sustained the worst of several injuries, has been operated on five times.

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